Q.1: What is the Frequency of Publication of Veethika Research Journal?
Ans.: Veethika is a Biannual published research journal which falls in March and September of every year, along with few special issues as decided by Editorial team time to time.
Q.2: On which date each issue published?
Ans: Veethika is published Print on the last day of its scheduled months viz. March and September every year. Needless to mention that Veethika maintain its all deadlines meticulously.
Q.3: What is the duration of accepting the papers? Ans.: Send your paper at least ninety (90) days in advance from the next scheduled issue of Veethika.

Q.4: How can I speak with Editor? Ans.: The only option to communicate with the Editor is email- veethikalko@gmail.com

Q.5: Can I get my paper recommended by someone?
Ans.: Strictly NO. Canvasing, Influencing, Following-up in any form will lead to rejection of your paper. Review process is completely blind and adheres the guidelines as mentioned in Veethika website. Note:
1. No query will be entertained regarding progress, feedback etc. of the submitted paper, The whole process of review, editing, modification, rejection will take minimum of 180 days from the date of submission of your paper. All process is automated, no query will be entertained in any form.
2. Avoid writing any moral lessons to the Journal, before sending your paper, read all guidelines carefully, if satisfied & agreed, then only send/post your paper.
3. Strictly Avoid questions like- Can I send my paper? a. b. What is the Process of Publication? c. Is there any other way to get my paper published? d. How much do you charge for publication? e. How can I send my paper?
4. Read all the guidelines at www.veethika.co.in carefully before uploading your paper.
5. Any communication regarding journal will strictly be done at editor’s email veethikalko@gmail.com only. Telephone, Mobile, WhatsApp etc. is strictly prohibited. Important Instructions:
1. Before uploading your paper ensure reading all instruction at www.veethika.co.in
2. Publication in Veethika is completely free-of-cost, none of its members ask for any money, at any stage, therefore, author/s will be solely responsible for any fraudulent.